Pyramid crystal 4*4*4 cm

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Материал: Хрусталь
Размер (д*в*ш): 40*40*40 мм.
Вес: ~ 70 гр.
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Crystal pyramid

This is your protection from negative effects of people
This is the only barrier against geopathogenic radiation of the earth
This is a beneficial effect on your body and surrounding objects
This is your cleansing and charging with positive energy
The radius of the crystal pyramid from 2-2,5 meters (the larger the pyramid the greater the range)

The energy of the crystal pyramid is able to do very much: it increases the individual's spirituality develops clairvoyance, rejuvenates and affects the physical body, eliminates the negative effects of TV or computer, removes the damage and other negative energy from the human bio-field.

If you sit in front of the pyramid, improving the process of meditation reduced the intensity of headache, toothache, heals the healing of ulcers and wounds. The pyramid clears itself around the geopathic influence, and harmonizes the space.

The method of operating a crystal pyramid

Orient the pyramid parts of the world, only in this case it becomes a generator protective and healing energy
Put the pyramid next to him, in the place where you are more than an hour daily, and she will protect and guard you from the negative effects.

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Внешний вид и свойства
Материал: Хрусталь
Размер (д*в*ш): 40*40*40 мм.
Вес: ~ 70 гр.
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