Amulet Tree of Life

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Значение: Амулет всестороннего благоприятного воздействия.
Материал: Цинковый сплав
Размер (д*в*ш): ~45*35*3 мм
В комплекте: Описание, шнурок, мешочек для хранения
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Will help its owner to find the right way, will put thoughts and situations in your life, get rid of the fuss, enemies, obstacles will lead to your own path in this world. This amulet is suitable for everyone, both men and women, and even children. The envious and evil people can't harm or hurt you if you do not harm. This amulet will grant wisdom and understanding of what is happening around you, will be useful to people seeking knowledge of the spiritual and philosophical of all.

The tree Yggdrasil is a mystical symbol of ash, which according to legend gave One wisdom and the runes. In Norse mythology, this tree has a special important role. It is the connecting link between the worlds, their center. It is believed that the Yggdrasil is in the abyss, and revolve around and exist nine dimensions (worlds). This is the real worlds, with their time, history, and geography. In ancient times, Scandinavians had no idea that the earth is round, and therefore believed that it was flat. Travel through the worlds as seen in the form of movements between them, between countries. The structure of such a worldview seems rather unusual - dimensional worlds coexisting almost close to each other. But this is only one of the circumstances that are difficult to explain.

  • Hel Is a world of energy and momentum, the Foundation and origin of everything.
  • Svartalheim - Symbolizes the work, both material and mental, as well as hone skills in creative Hobbies.
  • Midgard - the World of our possibilities of comprehension of the divine, helps you find your destiny.
  • Muspelheim - Symbolizes change, energy and light, and enhances with the capabilities.
  • Wenham - represents stability and prosperity. Awakens leadership qualities.
  • Jotunheim - Jotunheim opens the world of intellect and original ideas. It allows you to see the situation from the other side, which are not available to ordinary people.
  • Nifelheym - Symbolizes our connection with the past and the experience that was accumulated by us even before the birth of mankind. Brought us the karma from other lifetimes.
  • Alfheym . The world of dreams and castles in the air introduces ideas for those who are ready to them that are yet to be realized.
  • Asgard - the city of Gods. Enhances the sixth sense, and ability to implement desired..

Around the tree depicts the intertwined patterns associated with the tree and with each other, which means that the infinity of being. The final element of the amulet is a circle consisting of twenty-four runes, which concluded the Tree Yggdrasil, symbolizing the wisdom of Norse mythology, as well as creating that special magical protection.

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Внешний вид и свойства
Значение: Амулет всестороннего благоприятного воздействия.
Материал: Цинковый сплав
Размер (д*в*ш): ~45*35*3 мм
В комплекте: Описание, шнурок, мешочек для хранения
Вес: ~19 гр.
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