Candles, wax dipped brown

Candles, wax dipped brown

Candle wax dipped brown is made of natural beeswax with addition of an organic dye of the German production of high quality. These candles are made manually by the ancient technology of dipping, it is the most laborious and time-consuming process. They don't have any software and are completely free from influences of energy, so can be applied for any purpose, be it magical, religious, or simply for decor or create a cosy setting.

Brown color is a symbol of the earth element, harmony, fertility and material world. With the help of these candles in the field of magic, it is possible to establish the family home, to attract financial prosperity, to achieve the desired goals and find your balance in relation to themselves and others. Often candles brown used to build a career or achieve a goal, but in the long run. Unlike other candles, brown does not give the result as fast as we would like. As the inert element of earth at its core, this result will be seen in longer, but natural and very practical way. Due to this, the object is achieved with a greater term, but in the distant future, and the desired outcome remains stable for a long time in some cases for life.

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