Runic amulets

Runic amulets

Runic amulets in sufficient diversity is presented in the online shop "Magic of elements". Our ancestors, Slavs, used talismans with runes for protection from evil spirits, evil spirits. Moreover, they believed that magical symbols to attract luck and success, will definitely give strength, improve well-being, as well as helping to get rid of problems and troubles in life.

Runes: history

Slavic runic amulets and talismans appeared many years ago, found some magical attributes belong to 2-3 century ad. But today no one knows where they first appeared. There are many legends and assumptions, but so far scientists have not come to a consensus. It is believed that runes were used for magic rituals and ceremonies, and after drawing the image by burning or cutting down the sign acquired a special power. Protection spell, uttered on the magic man, and also increased efficiency. It is therefore often the ancient Slavs caused the runes above the entrance to the house, household items and clothing. Can you deny the presence of the supernatural in modern life, but even for skeptics, it is obvious that our ancestors were able to use the elements for their own purposes and to manage the flow of energy. And for this time, and performed magical rituals, including using runes.

Runes: value

Currently, runes are used for divination, as well as full wards. In order to predict the future with the help of mysterious signs, take time to explore each of them. Much easier to apply the magical power of the runes in the manufacture of a talisman. This amulet can be used for:

  • attract money
  • strengthen the spirit,
  • protection from evil spirits and mischief,
  • success in love,
  • well-being and harmony in the house.

This is only a small part of what can be achieved with a properly sized magic item. For example, the talisman with the Rune Fehu is considered the most popular. Its main purpose is to attract large financial flows, as well as movable and immovable property. Moreover, this amulet protects its wearer, contributes to health. Vast magical power, which is endowed with a rune, forcing to be very careful in dealing with it, especially in combination with other signs.

Runic charms in online store

Online shop "Magic of elements" offers to buy the amulet of the Rune Fehu, and other Slavs runic amulets for the home. Special attention of buyers want to pay that all mascots are made in accordance with ancient technologies. It is really "working" the magic symbols that will help you to achieve your goals. Here you will be able to order a talisman based on individual desires. Qualified consultants will help you make the right choice and tell you how to use the magic attribute.

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The Trinket "Rune Fehu"
На всеобщее благосостояние


The Trinket "Rune Laguz"
Для развития экстрасенсорных способностей


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