Candles-twisting on the healing

Candles-twisting on the healing

Among the variety of magical candles, there are candles of lay healing. His influence they exert healing effects on energy ill and in need of recovery. Twisting the candle, allows you to clear the energy channels, and fill with healing energy. Very often the composition of these candles includes and cleansing properties.

candle healing

Candle promotes healing using the magic of herbs in which she is driven around, which greatly enhances its properties. Candle of healing most often used green and yellow candles, because they represent the harmonization and purification. Usually they are used in conjunction with the conspiracy, but it is also useful to apply them in meditation, and at worst you can just ignite and let her burn. Candles for healing is ideal for:

  • Cleaning energy;
  • Harmonization of energy;
  • The treatment of physical illnesses;
  • Treatment of mental illnesses.

Of course not all diseases are possible to cure in a similar way. It is recommended to use magical techniques with candles in conjunction with conventional treatment methods. However, very often diseases are purely energetic in nature, and addressing issues in energy, allows to avoid such diseases.

For these candles for healing, you can apply different plots, for fitting purposes, depending on the needs related to the purpose of the candle twists. They are especially useful in the rites / rituals aimed at healing and recuperation.

The plot on the candle on the health

Among the abundance of various ways to enhance candles, incantations are the most effective. The plot on the candle on your health, allows you to focus all the energy of the herbs contained in the candles for the common good. But you should pay attention to the fact that all operations connected with candles for recovery is needed to provide for the growing phase of the moon. Otherwise can be undesirable consequences.

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Candle 'Health'
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