Crystal pyramid

Crystal pyramid

Crystal pyramid is a unique instrument in the hands of the magician, which can be purchased at esoteric online shop "Magic of elements".

Numerous scientific studies have revealed many facts incredible effects of pyramids on human activity. They are a powerful source of energy, achieve your goals and objectives.

Why rhinestone

Rhinestone – crystal, endowed with wonderful properties, due to which he got accustomed in the world of magic and esotericism. Crystal quickly enough adapts to the power of the person, controls and regulates all its fluctuations and vibrations, the Combination of strict geometric shapes of the pyramid and energy of natural stone helps to achieve higher efficiency. The magical power of the crystal pyramid is capable of much:

  • opening the gift of clairvoyance and development of psychic skills
  • powerful protection against the evil eye and spoilage,
  • getting rid of a number of diseases,
  • normalization of mental and emotional state,
  • attracting good luck and success in all endeavors.

The pyramid of rock crystal found its use in spiritual practices, it helps to tune to a certain frequency and facilitates communication with spirits.

The subtleties of treatment

Use miniature replicas of the Egyptian pyramids can be every person, it does not need any special skills and unique abilities. It is useful to put the pyramid around, creating around himself the most comfortable atmosphere. Space, where is this magic symbol is cleared from the clots of negative energy, thus contributing to the energy and intellectual potential of all people in it.

To enhance the magical properties of the mineral enough to hold a pyramid of crystal in the hands is richer for her energy.

Buying over the Internet

Buy crystal pyramid Feng Shui in the online shop "Magic of elements" - means purchase the product, have a special power at affordable price. This esoteric subject is ideal for meditation, spiritual practices, divination and other magic rituals. Pyramid made of crystal is a perfect gift, it will take a worthy place in every home. We propose to make an order on favorable terms:

  • a wide range of products,
  • reasonable prices,
  • consult a qualified professional,
  • prompt delivery to all regions of the country.

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