Orange candles

Orange candles

Candles are used in magic rituals quite often, each has its own purpose. Few people know that achieving this goal it is necessary to choose a ritual candle a certain color. Wax, combined with the energy of the flame acquires a special power. Candle therapy attracts success and good fortune, helps to strengthen the immune system, health, necessary for the fulfillment of desires, but only if you follow the basic rules of its implementation. Orange candle – assistant in career and business. It is a magical attribute of those who want to move up the career ladder. Want to know a little more about its use?

Orange is the color of the sun

Magic joyful and optimistic orange color represents the energy of warm sun and summer. This:

  • a sign of success, enthusiasm and prosperity
  • a symbol of power, suitable for people who want to develop entrepreneurial skills, to achieve universal acceptance and success.

If you search for the magic symbols that are endowed with positive energy, have a distinct value when it is endowed with tremendous power, a orange candle light will be an excellent option for you. For maximum effectiveness, a ritual should light a candle on Sundays, reciting a mysterious spell.

How to find orange candle

Orange candle, endowed with positive energy, now available at the online store of "Magic of elements". Only high-quality goods, ideal for conducting magical rituals, at an attractive price, with delivery to all regions of the country that can offer all the customers the store. Here you will not only gain the necessary symbols, but also get expert advice from specialists. They will help determine the choice, will tell you all about how to use suppository, what kind of spell to recite in order to achieve this goal.

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Wax candles orange (10cm., 20pcs., dipped)
пчелиный воск, свечной краситель


Wax candles orange No. 140 (10 pieces, dipped)
пчелиный воск, свечной краситель


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