balls of Magic

balls of Magic

Where to buy the magic ball? Many people ask this question especially when the question is of quality material. We recommend you to pay attention to our online-store of esoteric production "Magic of elements".

About the magic power of the ball

What would you imagine modern magicians and sorcerers? Most likely, dressed in black, leaning over a large crystal ball. But really, it's hard to imagine a man endowed with a unique gift, with no magical attributes. So again, the magic ball is the main one. He:

  • helps to analyze the past and predict the future,
  • necessary for decision-making
  • provides a powerful connection with the spirit world,
  • acts as a source of energy and vitality.

Most often in the market of esoteric items that you can find a ball of rock crystal. This is the mineral that contributes to the discovery and development of psychic abilities. Rhinestone-helps to concentrate, sharpen thought processes, and also to correctly interpret all the visions.

The details of the choice

If you aim to purchase a magic attribute of good quality, first and foremost, pay attention to its appearance. If it is a ball of rock crystal, it needs to have a strict geometric shape, its surface should be smooth, no scratches no chips. Only in this case, you can count on the immense power and energy of magic item. Constant practice, improving their skills and abilities in working with a crystal ball help you to achieve amazing results. Magic balls are different: from 2 to 25 cm in diameter. They can be made not only of rock crystal, but other materials such as onyx. Each of them carries a certain load and can become a powerful tool in the hands of a real magician. You'll need a stand that secures the ball.

How much is the magic ball? This question is asked all not indifferent to the world of magic and esotericism. The price of the magic ball in the first place depends on the material from which it is made, as well as size. The most expensive balls are made of natural rock crystal, he's endowed with special powers and without any competition.

Where to buy

Order magic ball cheaply with delivery across Russia is possible in the Internet-shop "Magic of the elements. This is a great gift for someone keen on all the supernatural. You can place your order right now with delivery in various regions of Russia. Our consultants will answer all your questions and help you make the right choice.

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Ball onyx (2.5 cm)
2.5 шт.


Ball onyx (7 cm)
7 см.


Stand for balls "Onyx"


Ball onyx (4 cm)
4 см.


Ball onyx (5cm)
5 см.


Stand for balloons "the Tripod"
Для шаров диаметром от 6 до 15 см.


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