Compound amulets and talismans

Compound amulets and talismans

The amulet "Dreamcatcher" is now available at the online store of "Magic of elements". In America, the amulet of this series for a long time have become incredibly popular, to us it came just some time ago. Semantic variations of the "dream Catcher" may be different, but they are similar in meaning and appearance.

The history of appearance of this talisman has such ancient roots that is certain to pinpoint the exact place and time of its occurrence is simply impossible. One thing is clear: the main purpose of "Catcher" - to protect a sleeping person from evil spirits, to answer for his peace of mind.

Talisman: the history, significance

It is believed that the amulet "Dreamcatcher" came to us from North America from Indian tribes and is a circle with a tight web in the center and natural feathers of birds. It was the Indians attributed this protective amulets of power, believing that bad dreams, especially nightmares are caught in a web and can't hurt the sleeping man. Our ancestors many thousands of years ago knew that the positive energy moves a single directional flow at the time, as a negative has no coherent structure, presented a diffuse cloud, why they're stuck in a so called "trap".

The Indian tribes were convinced that during sleep the soul of each of us goes on a journey through the subtle worlds, where it is subjected to various dangers. All the events happening in the dream, felt our showers are so real that sometimes from nightmares, we cry. In medical practice there were cases when during sleep in healthy young man just stayed heart. From a scientific point of view to explain this fact is simply impossible.

The subtleties of making

Traditional Indian amulets "Dreamcatcher" look quite primitive. For their manufacturing needs:

  • the circle is the basis of the whole structure
  • cotton threads or pieces of leather for the manufacture of webs,
  • feathers.

In addition to dream catchers, complete protection from evil spirits could be represented in the form of jewelry. Stylish pendant "angel Wings" with magical signs and symbols can be your least reliable talisman. Angel all peoples associated with purity, renewal, something really light, respectively, the sleeping person will be under reliable protection. We offer amulets made of metal material, which demonstrates the huge magic power. All of them are real professionals of direct relevance to the world of magic.

Where to buy

Online shop "Magic of elements" offers to acquire multiple charms of the series "dream Catcher". This high-quality, skillfully executed magical characters that will take the tranquility of your sleep. Anyone can buy charm "angel Wings" made of metal on the most pleasant and favorable conditions.

Qualified consultants will introduce each customer with the history of such a famous talisman, will tell you the basic intricacies of its use.

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