Twist candle money

Twist candle money

Twist candles for money - this is a special kind of candle, in which the most optimally matched certain herbs and candles of a certain color. Which are most positive impact with the aim of attracting money. To do this, take three dipped candles, hand-made, rolled in a specific way, rolled out in a special herbal mixtures. Subsequently, additionally obmenivaetsya in wax the same color as the candles, to grass securely attached to the candles and the candle was fixed in its position.

Candle money

There are many different variants of candles, each of which typically cover a certain sphere of influence. Before you buy a candle for money, you should pay attention to it and determine in what area of welfare you specifically need help with:

  • Well-being at home;
  • Success, a boost in your career;
  • Additional sources of income;
  • Good luck and luck in money.

Usually candles to attract money using green, but sometimes yellow, red and even black colors. As each type of candles has a dual feature depending on the phases of the moon. So the growing phase of the moon, usually candles attract new funds in one way or another. While on the waning moon, the candles will not attract new funds, but will seek to help preserve what is already there and protect against unforeseen expenses.

Candles herbal

Candle magick in the world of occultism has a special role, because its candle is a hub of energy, which is much more convenient and efficient to send. Candles based on herbs, allow the efficiency to increase, due to the energy those plants which are present in herbal twists. But you need to be careful and deliberate approach to the selection of certain candles herbal. In some cases, energy specific herbs or their combinations may not be suitable to man, in this case, you should try alternative candles. Save to pre-cleansing power exercises\rituals in order to get rid of anything that might hinder the work.

Where to buy

We offer to purchase a wax candle twist on the money in our magic online store at competitive prices. These candles we produce independently and is completely handmade. It uses only natural materials of the highest quality at affordable prices.

We offer:

  • Affordable prices;
  • High quality, low price;
  • Worldwide shipping;
  • Various payment options.

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Candle 'Raising money'
Candle 'Raising money'
Пасечный воск, краситель, хлопковый фитиль, травы (корица, гвоздика, тысячелистник, шалфей, базилик)


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