Orbs of Onyx

Orbs of Onyx

A ball of Onyx to conduct esoteric rituals and ceremonies can now be purchased in the online shop "Magic of elements".

Our ancestors were convinced that this variety of agate promotes the accumulation of positive energy and is beneficial to the health of each individual. Energy natural stone, a sure means of dealing with uncertainty and suspiciousness. Onyx is respected because stands up for his owner, keeps harmony and peace in every home. It is a stone of leaders, explorers and military leaders, providing its wearer clarity of mind, determination and power.

Esoteric and natural products with delivery

To by balls from Onyx now available in the online shop "Magic of elements". This stylish Souvenirs from natural stone, as well as a reliable team, of wizards and witches, and people who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of magic. Purchasing esoteric products from us, you receive a number of obvious and undeniable advantages:

  • a wide range of products, have a special power
  • affordable price,
  • prompt delivery to any region of the country
  • qualified assistance of specialists.

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Ball onyx (2.5 cm)
2.5 шт.


Ball onyx (7 cm)
7 см.


Ball onyx (4 cm)
4 см.


Ball onyx (5cm)
5 см.


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