Charms charms Turkish eye

Charms charms Turkish eye

Charm "Palm" and other esoteric symbols with the "Turkish eye" can be purchased at the online store of "Magic of elements". People's confidence in the mysterious power of talismans and amulets dates back to ancient ancestors: they believe that small trinkets, charged flow of energy that can protect people from the evil eye and to bring success in all undertakings.

"Turkish eye": the hidden value

Nazar Boncuk ("Nazar") is an ancient symbol, which is an inexhaustible source of energy. It is a recognized guardian of Turkish citizens. He recalled blue eyes. Around this unique magical characters, a lot of legends and stories, but scientists have a more plausible version, and it is connected with the times of the Crusades. Easterners, trying to protect themselves from blue-eyed crusaders, and came up with this mascot. They sincerely believed that it reflects all negative, will relieve them from the curse. It is a legend, in fact, home to the "blue eyes" is Egypt – that's where such images were decorated the walls of tombs in pyramids.

In Turkey the ribbon with the "blue eye" put on the handle a newborn, so trying to protect it from damage and the evil eye. Adult Turks prefer to attach a small safety pin with magic pebbles on clothes as a full talisman. Europeans believe that the amulet must be hidden from prying eyes, so I try to attach the pin in the secret place. But "blue eyes" works only in the case that is on the mind – this is its fundamental difference. This amulet is known as a powerful protection of movable and immovable property, so you can often see him at the entrance to the Turkish house.

Very popular now enjoys charm "Palm" with the eye. The open palm with the fingers of the hand ("Hamsa"), an ancient symbol of protection, revered in different cultures. Its main value is to protect its owner from evil eye, evil spirits, and in combination with the "blue eye" it has special magical powers.

To buy an amulet with the "blue eye" in the online store

Online shop "Magic of elements" offers to buy a keychain with the Turkish eye and become a reliable defender from damage. This page presents quality charms made in accordance with ancient traditions. Our experts will help you to make a choice and choose the most effective amulet, and become familiar with the subtleties of its use. We offer not only a wide range of quality magic products, but also excellent service:

  • the possibility of ordering at any time,
  • affordable prices,
  • a variety of payment methods
  • prompt delivery to any region of the country.

We are waiting for you in our online shop and sincerely hope that will find you something special.

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На удачу и долголетие


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На удачу и защиту от невзгод


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