Pyramid Onyx

Pyramid Onyx

Pyramid of Onyx – the most powerful source of energy and vitality, which can now be purchased in the online shop "Magic of elements" on favorable terms.

Can you relate to the world of magic, to deny everything supernatural, but it is obvious that spirituality has become popular these days. Many acquire small magical items that are not only worthy decorating the house, but his strongest defender. Correct amulet:

  • builds energy,
  • protects from the evil eye and spoilage,
  • becomes a source of vitality and energy
  • attracts luck and success.


In Ancient Egypt the pyramids attributed to the unique magical properties. Our ancestors believed that it is a powerful tool for attracting energy flows and management. That is why a small esoteric subject which is a proper face of the real Egyptian pyramids, is today every magician and esoteric.

Why onyx?

If you look back in history, we see that our ancestors used onyx for the manufacture of figurines of the deities, the magical rituals and ceremonies. A pyramid of stone is the most popular in the world of magic. It is a natural stone, the kind of agate, endowed with a unique power. Mystical properties it presents an opportunity to influence the man, his mind and mood. A small talisman made of onyx, there are many famous and prominent people. It helps to solve the problems of health, fight against weakness, nervousness, gives confidence and courage.

Pyramid of Onyx according to Feng Shui is a complete cure and talisman, as well as a valuable gift and souvenir. On the creation of this attribute are real professionals in the world of magic and esotericism. It will be an additional source of energy, normalizes the harmony in the house.

Purchase esoteric products via the Internet

Buy pyramid Onyx in our online-store of esoteric products "Magic elements". Here you can buy a decent gift for someone passionate about magic, and also a reliable guardian for your home, the subject that attracts luck and success. Huge range of quality products, reasonable prices, many ways of payment, quick delivery to Russia – something that will appeal to every modern buyer.

Product Compare (0)

Pyramid of onyx (3*3*3 cm)
30*30*30 мм.


Pyramid of onyx (7*7*7.5 cm)
70*75*70 мм.


Pyramid of onyx (4*4*4 cm)
40*40*40 мм.


Pyramid of onyx (5*5*6 cm)
50*60*50 мм.


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