Talismans for the home

Talismans for the home is presented in sufficient range in the Internet-shop "Magic of elements". The house is our fortress, the place where I want to feel as secure, comfortable and quiet. In order to create an atmosphere in your house or apartment, to ensure energy purity for each room, first of all, protect your home from evil spirits, evil spirits and the evil eye. Many years ago people believed in the magical power of amulets and used it to protect their homes. Today each of us can benefit from the wisdom of centuries of ancestors. Small magical objects are the highlight of each house, and also defend every person living in it.

Choose guardian home correctly

Sometimes we come to visit, but not all of them are positive energy. Moreover, even close relatives, unwittingly, could harm owners. So the main purpose of the so-called "home" of the talisman is to protect the home from unwanted visitors with ill intentions. A powerful amulet for the house and family just do not miss the negative energy will reflect it.

The correct amulet, not only can protect the house, and he is endowed with positive energy promotes harmony in the family, gives a sense of calm, attracts luck, happiness and success. That is why if you have not got a home mascot, offer to immediately correct this mistake and look into the our store of esoteric products.

Where to buy guardian home

Online shop "Magic of elements" offers to buy talismans for the home at affordable prices. Here you will be able to buy cute, with strong talismans to protect the house from negative energy. Many of them are its value and unique properties are required ancient cultures, mythology. It is really strong the mascots in our online shop you can buy on favorable conditions:

  • a wide range of esoteric goods
  • affordable prices,
  • the magical power of each subject,
  • competent advice from experts
  • delivery to all regions of the country.

We understand that to make a choice is sometimes difficult, we will help you to choose the charm that really will fit perfectly into your interior and become a powerful protector of the home.

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A talisman brings happiness
На всеобщее благосостояние


Box chest (10*6*7 see)


Cash guardian "Elephant pepper"
Символизирует удачу, успех, стабильность.


Cash guardian "Elephant pepper"
Размещённая внутри помещения она будет очищать энергетику, не пропуская внутрь негатив.


Dreamcatcher "2 colors"
110 мм.


Dreamcatcher "3 small circle"
16/9/7 мм.


Dreamcatcher "Bewitched"
160 мм.


Protective talisman "Fatima's Eye"
Оберегает своего хозяина от бед, несчастий, неудач, принимая удар на себя.


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