Coasters incense

Coasters incense

Stand for incense is a necessary attribute for aromatherapy. Now it can be purchased at the online store of esoteric products "Magic elements".

Choosing the stand, it is necessary to proceed not only from its appearance but the incense that you plan to use. Smoke cone incense does not rise in a natural way, it spreads and swirls, that is why they will approach the stand creeping incense. "Emerging" out of a special hole of the stand, the smoke creates amazing, magical waterfall effect and the aroma fills the whole room. Stand for incense "Ski" is the most popular option due to its versatility. All those fans of esotericism and magic, who are looking for something special and unique, you can pay attention to stands in the form of chests, statues Buddha, holding in his hands the aromatic incense.


The Eastern peoples of our vast planet, from ancient times believed in a special magical power of fragrance. They attributed to their unique abilities:

  • to ward off evil spirits,
  • to attract positive energy
  • to charge power
  • to attract success and luck to the house
  • contribute to any undertakings,
  • to get rid of a number of diseases and ailments.

Very popular today are not only essential oils and mixtures of them, but the incense in sticks. When arson incense stick begins to emit a stunning fragrance, gradually filling them all the space.

On the stands

Stand for incense - a necessary thing for aromatherapy, often made of wood. The market offers a wide range of esoteric products, you can find coasters of ceramic, stone, even metal, but the most popular are the classic wooden model. They provide support for the sticks, sending the scent that it radiates up and help him open up.

Products for aromatherapy delivery

To buy a stand for incense with delivery to any region of the country in our online shop "Magic of elements". Our advantages:

  • quality range of coasters.
  • qualified professional advice and help in choosing.
  • affordable prices.
  • prompt delivery.

We offer high quality original products, endowed with special powers.

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Stand "Leaf"
250*35*5 мм.


Stand "Pentagram"
210*50*70 мм.


Stand "Pentagram" (with borders)
210*50*70 мм.


Stand "OM"
260*35*5 мм.


Stand Of "African"
260*35*5 мм.


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