Rocks and minerals

To purchase minerals and stones are endowed with great strength now in the online store of esoteric products "Magic elements". This is not just a striking decoration, but a talisman and an amulet, which should be in every modern inhabitant of the planet.

The magical power of stones

About the magic power of stones has been known since ancient times. Every culture and religion has its own spiritual path, but none of them can deny the power, which is endowed with a very simple and unremarkable at first glance, the stones. If you ever happened to be at the reception of the magician or psychic, certainly among all the used paraphernalia you saw the stones. And it may be stone, exposed or completely invisible object. Our ancestors attributed to stones and crystals have special power, the ability to defend and protect its owner. So people who are fond of magical rites and rituals of natural stones and crystals help:

  • to store energy and to attract large flows of energy,
  • to protect from external negative influences,
  • to draw strength and confidence.

Slavs believed that a well-chosen stone can create a miracle: to heal the sick person to open the gift of foresight and prediction, become a faithful companion of the mage and protect him from everything bad and negative. You can deny everything supernatural, but there are surely many small amulets, which they take with them on the most exciting events in life.

Where to buy stones

Purchase beautiful stones and minerals at a low price in the online shop "Magic of elements" - means to obtain a full-fledged esoteric attributes, endowed with special powers with home delivery. We sell natural stones and minerals wholesale and retail. The collection of articles presented to a huge number of natural products:

  • mountain prostate,
  • amethyst,
  • jade
  • agate,
  • quartz.

This is only a small part of that you will be able to find. Our consultants will help you choose the stone, starting from the characteristics of your character, as well as the goals that you are pursuing.

If you still don't know where to buy reliable defender for yourself, you will definitely be useful selling stones and minerals. Online shop "Magic of elements" is not just a place where you can buy natural stones at the best price with delivery across Russia. Here you can learn all about how to work with attributes, amulets and talismans, as well as clean them and to energize.

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Ball onyx (2.5 cm)
2.5 шт.


Ball onyx (7 cm)
7 см.


Pyramid of onyx (3*3*3 cm)
30*30*30 мм.


Pyramid of onyx (7*7*7.5 cm)
70*75*70 мм.


Stand for balls "Onyx"


Crystal amethyst
Для медитаций и магических практик


Ball onyx (4 cm)
4 см.


Ball onyx (5cm)
5 см.


Crystal rhinestone
Для медитаций и магических практик


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