Blue candles

Blue candles

If you are even slightly familiar with the world of magic, certainly had to understand what role it assigns to the symbols, the magic signs in the conduct of each ritual. Candles – the main attribute of the sorcerer and magician. But did you know that using candles of different colors, will be able to increase the efficiency of the candle therapy to achieve maximum effect in the selected direction. Blue candles can be used in healing, with their help it is a powerful energy exchange, increases domestic concentration. But in order to achieve this goal and learn to manage the energy flows using candles, it is necessary to apply the basics of candle therapy, formed in ancient times.

Power blue

Blue is the color of wisdom, spirituality, peace and forgiveness. Blue wax candles occupy a worthy place in the collection of every magician and sorcerer. They help to heal the sick, are often used in rituals in building and strengthening social relations. The flame of the blue candle is appropriate in the room with the sick person, healing will go much faster if the candle will burn continuously. Candle blue color – great defender from evil spirits and unwanted visitors from the netherworld. If your sleep is disturbed by nightmares, you feel the presence in the house of shadows and ghosts, you can use the therapy it with the flame of the blue candles. Enough for a couple of hours to light it, and rest, mental peace is provided to you for the whole day.

Use candles correctly

Candle blue color is perfect for protection from the dark forces and healing, it represents peace and humility. As an attribute it is not used in the conspiracy, sorcery, predictions of the future, but mostly just illuminates the room with a specific purpose:

  • getting rid of the clots of negative energy
  • the struggle with evil spirits and ghosts
  • healing, accelerating the recovery.

To feel the power and energy of fire, need to light a candle for a couple of hours, after which the peace and protection guaranteed to you on the day. In order to once and forever get rid of evil spirits, ghosts, achieve inner peace, to protect the sleep of children, let the candle burn a month. In any case, do not extinguish the candle before the end of the ritual, so you just cancel its effect.

Candles home delivery

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