Pyramid onyx 3*3*3 cm

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Размер (д*в*ш): 30*30*30 мм.
Вес: 25 гр.
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Onyx is a stone that has many interesting properties. This mystical, and properties, which very much can affect human health. As practice shows, most of these properties are concentrated in onyx pyramids due to their shape and sharp top.

In mystic onyx is a stone of strong-willed and enterprising people. Especially strong in this regard, the stone which color is close to the wing of a crow. He is able to carry to make its owner more enterprising and energetic. However, it is to be feared that if some peaks in the energy of onyx is able to initiate excessive passion to enrichment, which can make him greedy and evil.

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Размер (д*в*ш): 30*30*30 мм.
Вес: 25 гр.
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