Amulets for the house with the Turkish eye

Amulets for the house with the Turkish eye

Elephant with peppers and obezyanki - Helps to avoid hard and false paths.

Amulet elephant pepper - it Symbolizes good luck, success, stability. Four pepper available on the pendant will protect from the evil eye, envy, gossip.

Ward three horses - Brings home wealth and prosperity, creating around himself a harmonious space.

Evil eye - Protects its owner against misfortune, calamity, misfortune, taking the hit.

Guardian key - will Help to save money from unnecessary expenses and increase existing funds.

Charm Blue horseshoe Placed inside it will be clean energy, not flowing into the negative.

Pendant butterfly with peppers - Smooth out sharp corners in the relationship, keep you from gossip and envy.

Love amulet owl - the Owl is a symbol of ordinances, intuition and clairvoyance. It is able to protect the house from evil eye and gives insight.

Charm horseshoe with an elephant - in Addition to good luck amulet helps to ward off the envious, gossips, detractors. The house will always prevail happy atmosphere.

Amulet for well being horseshoe - charm spread throughout the world, it protects from the direct negative, brings to life the well-being and success.

Ward seven elephants - Brings prosperity in the seven areas of life: longevity, luck, love, health, happiness, wealth and understanding.

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