the Twisted candles with herbs for rituals

the Twisted candles with herbs for rituals

These rolled candles are made with herbs in the classic tradition of magic. It is completely handmade, from beginning to end. As the basis used dipped candles from our own production, different from many other special quality.

Usually use three candles, swirling between them in a spiral form. Then the candles are rolled out in certain mixtures of herbs and additionally obmenivaetsya in the wax for shaping. The feature of these candles is that the spiral form gives energy whirling form in magical operations, which makes the candles more effective. Used herbs allow you to change the nature and quality of energy in a given direction.

These candlesticks do not have established programs, and other any effects. They do not need these candles by themselves, without the incantations and rituals that can work, it is enough to simply switch on and tune in to the desired outcome. But they are usually used along with incantations or rituals\ritual.

At the moment there are candles of the following types(the range will be updated in the future):

  • To attract money;
  • In love and relationship;
  • Good luck and well-being;
  • On health and longevity;
  • For cleansing and protection.

We have selected the most optimal size of the candles, and the number of herbs in them that you can use comfortably and effectively in the magical practices:

  • Material: Beekeeping wax, dye, cotton wick, herb;
  • Length / diameter (candle): 180/14 mm.;
  • Burning time: about 60 minutes;
  • Weight (candle): about 22 gr.;

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