ritual Candle wax

ritual Candle wax

Dear customers, we have updated the range of wax candles!

We decided to unsubscribe from the candle factory production, and now we gradually move to candles handmade.

This product is manufactured according to ancient methods of 'dipping', these candles are considered the most appropriate for the conduct of magical operations. Because it is handmade, possible small deviations in performance (remains Unchanged the weight and burning time) and appearance (beeswax inclined pokryvala a white coating, which however is easy to wash).

All the candles factory production, we are selling discounts, get acquainted with whom you can see: Sale. Hurry up to buy, quantities are limited!

With all the candles manufactured by us is available in the section of ritual Candle wax (All products marked as 'handmade')

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